Tattoo Removal - Samma Charles Runs his Mouth


Tattoo Removal


Right, watch this video:


Looks too good to be true, right?



This month marks my 8th year of tattooing, and in that short time I have seen these miracle creams come and go. And every time, they totally eff people up!

I got sent this video last week, I didn’t actually make it to the end, I know the jist.

So, I’m getting some tattoos lasered at the moment, I made a few mistakes with some of the tattoos I got, I highly recommend reading my article about finding the right tattoo artist so you don’t make the same mistakes that I made.

But anyway I’m getting laser, and just shy of having your tattoos surgically removed, laser is the ONLY way of removing your tattoos. I mean, you want a cover up, I can sort that, (nudge nudge, wink wink,, but let me tell you what we’ve seen of these creams.

Scarring, scarring is what we see. I was going to add a picture of some of the after effects of these creams, but they’re really REALLY horrible to look at, instead I direct you to the biggest case I can thing of, involving Pasuda Reaw. That’s a link so you can look for yourself. And this isn’t an isolated case.

As I mentioned, I’m getting laser, I go to Second Skin, in Bicester. It helps that I know them there, but I deal with lasered tattoos weekly, and honestly I’ve not seen laser removal like it, Sarah’s a God Damn wizard.

I recently had a client in, I’ve been working on his sleeve for the last year or two, and at one point he decided that he wanted roman numerals on his neck to represent his daughter’s birth, but he decided that he didn’t want to bother me with such a simple tattoo, like it wasn’t worth my time. He got someone else to do the tattoo. And they got the date wrong.

I shouldn’t have let that happen. So he went to see Sarah, she removed the offending letters, and he got it fixed. I saw it the other day, 0 trace of the old tattoo. Nothing. None. Gone. Fixed. Solved. Thank God.

So revisit my thing about finding the right artist, and apply that to laser removal. I was having my left arm lasered, and naturally I asked about these creams, and if Sarah or her team knew about them, or Pasuda’s case. She showed me images that she had taken on her phone of one of her clients. If you thought Pasuda’s scarring was bad, this was so much worse.

So do me a favour? Don’t be the Guinea Pig, go see Sarah, go to Second Skin, get good laser or come see me for a cover up. But stay the Hell away from these magic creams, no matter how effective they look on Facebook.

Also Facebook isn’t the news.