Molly Mahoney - Blackwork

From pretty flowers, to ‘pastel erotica’, a genre we didn’t know about ‘til Molly arrived, Molly is delicate and gentle, provding something that reflects her person. Although, rumour is that she’s actually incredibly dangerous, no one is that nice.



Blackwork, Erotica, Floral



4 Weeks
Molly is new to the Ursa Major team, so booking is fairly easy!

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“1000% recommended!”

Molly has a beautiful talent that was given to her for a reason! Her work and creativity is outstanding and inspiring. 1000% recommended!

— S Taylor

“Definitely one to watch”

Molly’s an absolute talent, definitely one to watch!

L Crissey


“…felt so comfortable…”

Lovely girl, amazing artist and felt so comfortable in the studio with her

— S Neill




Contact us now to get stabbed